“When I look back it all began at the age of 16, my first step towards fashion and realizing that it was my calling, the year 1984, where I won the miss India title, and went on to compete in Japan for the the title of miss international where I stood the 5th runners up. Since then a whole new world opened up for me as a teenager who till that time was completely gauche and tomboyish. “Japan exposed me to fashion, in the true sense, for the first time, from there I went on to graduate and do my bachelors in history and pshycology… did my stint in modelling and on ramp which further increased my belief that fashion was my calling. I started my business finally in 2001 and today 16 years later there is no looking back, my brand has grown from strength to strength. My principle has always been quality, a personal approach towards knowing the client, their needs for the fact that I am meticulous and very  strict on quality finish and detailing and workmanship, timely delivers, strict quality control and adhering to schedules. Customization and sampling so are also part to what we offer to our clients. I let my passion be my profession by creating:

  • Design that empowers.
  • Quality that lasts.
  • Looks that are forever elegant
  • Love that is empowered in each creation